Program Schedule


1A-5A                 Coast To Coast With George Noory

5A-8A                 Daybreak

8A-10A              Barry Foster

The Medical Hour Airs Friday at 8:00AM

10A-12P             Brian Kilmeade

12P-3P               Rush Limbaugh

3P-6P                 Sean Hannity

6P-9P                Mark Levin 

9P-10P             Brian Kilmeade

10P-1A             Jim Bohannon


MID-1A                   Jim Bohannon

1A-6A                      Coast to Coast

6A-7A                      Statler Financial

7A-9A                      Better Lawns and Gardens

9A-10A                    Florida Round Table

10A-12N                  Bobby Likis Car Clinic

12N-1P                    Legends of Success/Statler Financial

1P-2P                      TBA

2P-4P                       Car Doctor

4P-7P                       Larry Kudlow

7P-10P                     Mark Levin

10P-11P                  TBA

11P-MID                 Todd Starnes


MID-2A                     Todd Starnes

2A-5A                        Coast to Coast

5A-8A                       Eric Metaxas

8A-10A                      Rudy Maxa Travel

10A-11A                    Statler Financial

11A-1P                      The Home Show

1P-4P                         Handel on the Law

4P-7P                         Bob Brinker

7P-9P                         TBA

9P-10P                       Gun Talk

10P-MID                    Sterling on Sunday